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Birds are nice to look at except if they are living in your store.

Most people fail to realize that bird droppings and nests are not only an annoyance; they also damage buildings, machinery, paint finishes and even neon signs. Bird droppings are very acidic in nature. They actually eat away at many substrates, especially tar-based roofing materials. Droppings which are allowed to accumulate on roofs will eat into the material and eventually cause leaks. The life expectancy of a warehouse roof can be cut in half by just a light, but continuous, application of bird droppings.

Birds and their droppings can spread more than 60 serious diseases to humans and pets. Learn more about whether you should be worried or not. There's more to a proper clean up than just hitting it with a hose. Learn all there is to know about sanitizing your site.

Pest birds cause tens of millions of dollars of damage every year to American buildings, machinery, automobiles, roofs, ventilation systems and much more. Bird droppings and nesting materials, which are allowed to accumulate, pose a host of physical problems which can become very serious if they are not corrected immediately.

We can solve your bird nesting and perching problems. We have systems that have little to no visibility and are not harmful to the birds. We also consult with P.E.T.A. and local authorities about specific relocation protocols in the event of actually having to displace the nests.

We have successfully handled bird nesting issues with companies you see everyday. Give us a call and let us see if we can solve your bird issues?

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